9 types of hackers you need to be aware of

9 types of hackers you need to be aware of

9 types of hackers you need to be aware of

9 types of hackers you need to be aware of

        There are various types of hackers, we have the black hat hackers, grey hat hackers and the white hat hackers, script kiddies, Elite hacker, Green hat hacker, Red hat hacker, Hacktivists and the blue hat hacker. All the types of hackers listed above are the 9 types of hackers you need to be aware of. They have the required technique and sophisticated tools to complete any hack of different type. It depends on you to know who you want to Hire.

The black hat hackers are the hackers that attacks a secured network or computer system with the aim of modifying, bridging, transmitting malicious codes and  disclosing the data held in a computer system or network without been authorized, stealing and altering personal details, accessing of computer with the intent of trafficking passwords and defrauding, illegal shutting down of websites or computer network so as to render it useless for the authorized user. Mostly black hat hackers work majorly for their financial gain, They bridge data and alter data for criminal organizations with them been paid a huge sum of money or They  are been hired by clients for getting their illegal petty hack works done (They can hire a black hat hacker to infiltrate, modify and destroy database of competitors companies.

Hire a hacker to hack into social media accounts, emails, messengers, Whatsapp, change their University grade change, Increase their credit score, clearing of criminal records, private investigations and other forms of hack works).

The white hat hacker also known as the Ethical hacker are the hackers who specialize on bug bounties or They work as a paid employee working as a security specialist, They work on the rules and regulations laid down by the organization they work for, They work on penetration testing and other testing methods to find penetrating loopholes, vulnerabilities and protect the information of the organization.  They hold a major certification CEH (Certified  Ethical Hacker) and are governed by the EC-Council

Grey Hat hackers are the mixed white and black traits of hacking, They are neither black nor white, They  don’t have malicious intents like the black hat yet they don’t help people for good most times. They sometimes violate the law and Ethical standards to achieve their aims, They exploits security weakness in a computer system or network and bring the detected weakness to the attention of the owner. The hacking world comprises mostly the Grey hat hackers.

Script Kiddies are the hackers who really don’t care about hacking because they are the  hackers who usually copy codes other hacking experts has written and use it to attack their victim as a virus. A script kiddie in the real sense is a non-expert who breaks into computer systems using pre automated-tools such as LIC or Metasloit. The most common attack by Script Kiddie is DoSing (Denial of Service) or DDOSing (Distributed Denial of Service). Attacks like this consists of flooding an IP with so much of information that it collapses under strain. This attack style are frequently used by the hacker group ‘Anonymous’.

Green Hat hackers are considered as rookie in the hacking industry. Unlike Script Kiddies, they care more about hacking and they strive to become full-blown hackers. The Green hat hackers are famed by the hackers’ community for asking basic questions regarding hacking. Although, they might be considered as rookie, most of the green hat hackers acquire hacking skills more than a normal student who’s learning hacking.

Red Hat hacker are called the Guardians of the hackers’ world. They work like Black Hats operating under White Hat. They usually work at the top level, they are associated with hacking government agencies, top-secret information hubs, to anything that falls under the category of sensitive information. Instead of them reporting about malicious activity, they will prefer to shut down the hacker by uploading viruses, DoSing and destroy the hackers computer from the inside out. They can damage the computer system to a level that the victim might be forced to equip a new computer system.

Blue Hat hackers are known for their vengeance abilities on ones whom they are angry on. They are just like Script Kiddies most Blue hat hackers have no desire to learn.

Elite hacker  is used to describe the most skilled hacker among the hackers’ community. Its a social status attainment.

A hactivist They are groups of hackers who unite to achieve a common goal, they utilize technology without any authorization to announce social, ideological, religious or political message. Their sole aim is to deface websites.

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