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Ways used by hackers to Hack Bitcoin private key and Wallets

bitcoin wallets hacking and hacking of blockchains
Do you want to hire a hacker to hack bitcoin

There has been an ongoing sessions on bitcoin like can bitcoin be hacked, how to hack bitcoin private key, can bitcoin wallet be hacked, can you hack a blockchain. There are so many ways with which bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be manipulated from recent news hackers took more than 7,000 bitcoin from crypto trade Binance, from record the world’s biggest bitcoin hack by volume. The worth of the bitcoin stolen is $41 million in bitcoin from the trade, this comes from the news distributed in the security notice. The attackers mostly used malware  known as “clipboard hijackers”  which operates in the clipboard and can potentially replace the copied wallet address with one of the attackers. Till date, this has been one of the most popular type of attack to steal user’s crypto and information. About 30 percent of the total cryptocurrency hacking attempts made are on individual’s accounts and wallets.

Ways used by Hackers to Hack Bitcoin

There are so many ways with which you can improve your wallet security but at times you can never outsmart an hacker because hackers know how to manipulate the programming language used in developing most platforms, That is why its easy for an hacker to hack into a website or social media platform. From social engineering and phishing to sms authentication to key-logger to slack bots to crypto jacking.

Reports were published by the Kapersky lab stating criminals stole $9 million through social media engineering and other hacking techniques. Hackers use the vulnerability we don’t take note of  or notice.

Slack Bots

Hackers use slack bot to send a warning to the client’s gadget about issues with their wallet. A definitive objective is to compel the client to tap the notice and type private key. there has been many  cases of stolen cryptocurrency through this method. Best way to counter slack bots is to ignore bots activity and report immediately.

Hack Bitcoin through Social Engineering and Phishing

Hackers also use social engineering method to steal cryptocurrencies from newbie users. Hackers use email or malicious websites to mimic trustworthy organization and solicit personal information (i.e. The private key of users). counter measures : Dont trust ads offering free cryptocurrencies.

Hack Bitcoin through SMS Authentication

Most users use mobile authentication as it is handy and they are always with their smartphones. But using the SS7 protocol hackers do intercept SMS with a password confirmation. This is the vulnerability is in the cellular network. To avoid it: Users need to Stop using SMS verification and start using software base 2FA.

Cryptocurrency Mining Botnets

‘Botnets’ are the networks malware-infected systems which can be controlled remotely. Botnets are used to distribute malware or to perform DDoS attacks. But for quite a few time crypto-hackers are using it to mine cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has been one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, it has the most significance above all and it is because of its significance it has got high end Hackers at its tail, and there are several platforms associated with bitcoin. 

Do you want to know how to hack bitcoin private key or wallets or how to hack blockchain. you can hack a bitcoin wallet yourself at home or hack a blockchain at yourself , its not hard you only need to understand the tweaks surrounding it. But if  you need help tracking a wallet address and retrieving volumes of bitcoin, there are tutorials on that, you can contact the admin on that or hire a professional hacker to do it for you. hire a hacker


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