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Hire a Hacker : How to Hire Professional Ethical Hackers in 2020

There is shortage of cyber security in the world at the moment, so almost all individuals and companies are left with  no other choice than to hire a hacker to enhance their IT security. The hacking profession has not been a friendly one because finding a hacker for hire can be a daunting one.

Factors to consider before hiring a hacker

There are factors to consider before hiring a hacker, but first you need to understand what exactly hackers do and how they work, hackers are computer genius that writes different programming language to identify and exploit the weakness of a computer system or database. Hacking can be used for positive and negative reasons. Companies hire hackers to boost their cyber security and at the other end individuals and companies hire hackers to  spy on competitor or hack illegally without authorization into another personnel digital property. But mostly hacking is used for malicious purpose.

The major variance between hackers can be identified either as the black hat hackers or the white hat hackers. Black hat hackers are the bad guys of hacking, they infiltrate computer system and network maliciously, infecting computer networks with viruses, while white hat hackers are the good guys, they work with companies or establishments to find potential cyber threat or loophole and to prevent the black hat hackers from taking advantage of them.

If you want to hire a hacker, you will be seeking out for ethical hires. You can hire an ethical hacker without going through stress of the dark web, currently there are many professional ethical hackers available for hire.

Before you hire an ethical hacker you need to state your purpose for hiring a hacker, The aim of needing to hire a cyber guru, and pass on a slight interview to know if the hacker has experience in the particular field you want to hire him for. The terms of the agreement between the employer and employee must be well stipulated to avoid complications after hiring. most ethical hackers are certified, they have the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification.

Cost of Hiring A Hacker

The cost of hiring depends solely on the nature of the work and duration with which the work will be done, though from research conducted average salary of an ethical hacker is $72,000. This figure seems high but considering the rate of data breaches and the havoc it will cause, ethical hackers should earn the pay grade.

Where to Find Professional Ethical Hackers for Hire

There are several platforms with which you can hire a professional to enhance your cyber security but most of this platforms are fake. Freelancing site like :

UpWork is a good place to hire a cyber solution expert, UpWork provides its users access to unlimited number of white hat hackers.

Hackerslists is One of the best place to hire a professional hacker also, the platform had recruited famous hackers to help the public, Hackerslists offer service with no upfront fee.

The curve demand for ethical hackers is going up at a drastic rate, as a result of the upward movement, ethical hacking will become a profitable career in the future.

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